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    The Zomo Speedmat is the ultimative tool for all DJs which would like to fire extremely fast... more

    Product information "Zomo SpeedMat Set"

    The Zomo Speedmat is the ultimative tool for all DJs which would like to fire extremely fast scratch moves, back spins and juggles.
    The Speedmat is made of special material Polyvinyl (PVA) . The thin but handy surface reduces the contact to the turntable plate once again what causes that you can move faster with less energy expenditure - without losing control.

    If you use the Zomo Speedmat as the only layer between the turntable and the Vinyl, it’s very handy. Classically the foil is put as a second layer under the normal slipmat, in order to reduce the friction and make fastest moves possible.

    The Zomo Speedmats is supplied as a double pack, in order to be able to equip a complete DJ-set in one step. 2 pieces = 1 price!

    Of course the Speedmat is antistatic and impresses by the legendary animated 3D Design, which particularly shows the effect under influence of a strobe effect.

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    Alles gut
    12 Apr 2019

    Ich hatte ja eher gedacht,dass es eine Fils Matte seien würde...naja,das war es ja nicht,doch ich kann mit dem Artikel was anfangen

    Zomo SpeedMat Set
    21 Jan 2013

    beautiful mat

    Bestes Slipmat was ich je hatte
    14 Jan 2011

    Dieses Slipmat ist genial! Die Reibung hat sich extrem verringert, ich kann jetz sogar Backspins machen, wie sie eigentlich nur auf den Pioneer CDJs möglich sind, extrem lang, sauber und schnell! Klingt einfach hammer! Auch tun die finger nach längerer Scratch Zeit nicht mehr so weh! Gerade wenn man mal eine Stunde ordentlich an den Tables arbeitet, merkt man das oft sehr schnell. Für die Kohle unschlagbar!

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