Zomo HD-1200
Zomo HD-1200
The Zomo HD-1200 are professional, high quality stereo headphones with a cool design. The closed-cup design ensures that background noise is kept to a minimum thereby achieving a clear, true monitor sound. With their solid yet light...
€49.00 €89.00
  • Order number: 0030102256
  • Zomo Mono-Stick HD-120
    Zomo Mono-Stick HD-120
    The Zomo HD-120 Mono-Stick is the cool alternative of the Zomo headphone series. The rotatable earpieces and ergonomic design makes the HD-120 a popular choice when it comes to performing in clubs. The removable spiral cable plug is...
  • Order number: 0030102261
  • Zomo HD-500
    Zomo HD-500
    The Zomo HD-500 Headphone is offering professional qualitiy for small budget. The Zomo HD-500 in black is a professionall and high quality Stereo Headphone with a cool design. Annoying ambient sound are faded out by the closed...
  • Order number: 0030102366
  • Zomo HD-3000
    Zomo HD-3000
    The successor model of the successful HD 2500, now with an even more powerful sound and audio values! Featuring extremely durable materials, advanced design and professional functions, as well as a higher sound perssure and a wider...
    €99.00 €169.00
  • Order number: 0030103025
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