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    The Zomo Flightcase CDJ-1 is an universal case and the ideal solution, to transport several... more

    Product information "Zomo Flightcase CDJ-1 XT"

    The Zomo Flightcase CDJ-1 is an universal case and the ideal solution, to transport several CD-Players or a 12” Mixer, protect them against dust, damage or unauthorized access. To enable that, there are some pads included in delivery, with which you can adjust your individual equipment in a secure and clean way. On the front you can find a panel for the Slot-In of the CD-Player and the handling of the mixer. The Flightcase CDJ-1 also convinces in optics with modern design!

    The solid construction stands for high qualitiy equipment. You can also use the 2 security locks, to defend your case against unauthorized access! The optimal utilization of possibilities is given in connection with the laptop stand LS-1 by Zomo. Like this, you can work on two areas and place the laptop stand direcly above the Flightcase CDJ-1.


    • Professional design
    • A real pro quality product
    • Aluminium profiles
    • Covered corners
    • Robust release
    • Confortable carrying handle
    • Clean worked up interior padding
    • Included security locks for more security
    • Light weight

    Technical Data

    • Capacity: various CD players and 12" mixers
    • Dimensions: 450 x 350 x 210 mm
    • Inside Dimensions: 420 x 320 x 190 mm
    • Weight: 4,40 kg

    This case is suitable for the following devices:

    • Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS
    • Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS-2
    • Pioneer CDJ-600
    • Pioneer CDJ-900
    • Pioneer CDJ-850
    • Pioneer CDJ-800
    • Pioneer CDJ-1000
    • Pioneer DJX-700
    • Pioneer DJX-750
    • Pioneer XDJ-700
    • Pioneer XDJ-1000
    • Pioneer XDJ-1000MK2
    • Pioneer DJM-500
    • Pioneer DJM-600
    • Pioneer DJM-700
    • Pioneer DJM-800
    • Gemini CDJ-210
    • Gemini CDJ-203
    • Technics SL-DZ1200
    • Cortex HDTT-5000
    • Allen & Heath Xone32
    • Allen & Heath Xone42
    • Allen & Heath Xone62
    • Allen & Heath Xone92
    • Reloop RMP-2
    • Reloop RMX-1
    • Reloop RMX-2
    • Denon DN-S3500
    • Denon DN-S3700
    • Denon DN-HS5500
    • Denon DN-X1100
    • Denon DN-X1500
    • Denon DN-X1600
    • Denon DN-X1700
    • Ecler HAK-360
    • Ecler HAK-380
    • Ecler Nuo 4.0
    • Rane Sixty Eight
    • Vestax PMC-05 Pro 4
    • Vestax PMC-280
    • and many more....
    Suitable devices: Allen & Heath Xone:32, Allen & Heath Xone:42, Allen & Heath Xone:62, Allen & Heath Xone:92, Behringer DDM-4000, Behringer DJX-700, Behringer DJX-750, Cortex HDTT-5000, Denon DN-HS5500, Denon DN-S3500, Denon DN-S3700, Denon DN-X1100, Denon DN-X1500, Denon DN-X1600, Denon DN-X1700, Ecler HAK-360, Ecler HAK-380, Ecler Nuo 4.0, Gemini CDJ-203, Gemini CDJ-210, Gemini CDJ-600, Pioneer CDJ-800, Pioneer CDJ-850, Pioneer CDJ-900, Pioneer CDJ-1000, Pioneer CDJ-2000, Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS, Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS2, Pioneer DJM-500, Pioneer DJM-600, Pioneer DJM-700, Pioneer DJM-750, Pioneer DJM-800, Pioneer DJM-850, Rane Sixty Eight, Reloop RMP-2, Reloop RMX-1, Reloop RMX-2, Technics SL-DZ1200, Vestax PMC-05 Pro 4, Vestax PMC-280
    Suitable brands: Allen & Heath, Behringer, Cortex, Denon, Ecler, Gemini, Pioneer, Rane, Reloop, Technics, Vestax
    Customer ratings for  "Zomo Flightcase CDJ-1 XT"
    Average customer rating:  (10)
    19 Sep 2018

    Es passt so gut wie alles rein, dank den Schaumstoffstreifen! Man hat genug platz für die Kabel. die Qualität ist TOP! Es ist relativ leicht. Das Design ist cool. Der Preis ist gut. Dauert bloß max. 2 Tage bis es da ist!

    24 Jul 2018

    Top Teil für einen fairen Preis. Kommt mit allen notwendigen Schaumstoffstreifen so dass wirklich fast jedes Gerät reinpasst. Ideal, wer mehrere Geräte im Wechsel transportieren möchte!

    Zomo flight case for my CDJ 850
    8 Dec 2016

    Well, I have few hard cases from Zomo now, they are ok.
    Some I bought just to store my turntables at home - so they dont have to be so durable,
    But some more expensive I bought for travel - when you put all those cases in Van, I would recommend to have more hard and durable ones for transport.
    In general they are great.

    7 Nov 2016

    great product, great looks!
    great product, great looks!
    great product, great looks!

    Zomo Flightcase CDJ-1 UK Flag
    1 Apr 2016

    Ormai conosciuto da tutti, questo flightcase è compatibilissimo con MOLTI cdj e mixer in commercio .. Grazie allenorme quantità di blocchetti di schiuma che si trovano dentro, si creano facilmente i giusti spessori interni in base alla Vostra attrezzatura ... ... La grafica uk flag style è semplicemente un tocco di classe !!!!!! Grazie Recordcase !!!

    Zomo Flightcase CDJ-1 UK Flag
    30 Mar 2016

    Ormai conosciuto da tutti, questo flight è compatibilissimo con molti cdj e mixer in commercio.. Grazie allenorme quantità di blocchetti di schiuma che si trovano dentro, si creano facilmente i giusti spessori interni in base alla vostra attrezzatura... ... La grafica UK flag style è semplicemente un tocco di classe!!!!!! Grazie Recordcase!!!

    Passt wirklich alles rein
    4 Mar 2016

    Hallo zusammen,
    Ich war auch auf der Suche nach einem geeigneten Case für verschiedene Dinge.
    Zum einen für meine XDJ-1000 und CDJ-800 und zum anderen für meinen DJM-800 Mixer.
    Alles hat perfekt Platz. Mithilfe verschiedener Schaumstoff-Stücke kann jedes Gerät perfekt fixiert werden.

    11 Jan 2016

    Für die CDJ 2000NXS genau richtig. Hinten hat man genügend Platz für die Kabel. Der Koffer ist praktisch und leicht, kann ich nur empfehlen!!

    Flight Case for Pioneer CDJ 2000/Nexus
    17 Sep 2013

    Prodotto di fascia alta. Impeccabile. Una piccola opera darte. Risponde ai requisiti degli standard di chi vuole il meglio per la propria attrezzatura. Consigliato vivamente. Recordcase.de e il top. Stop.

    Super flightcase CDJ-1 UK flag
    7 Oct 2012

    Super, le flightcase est fournie avec toutes les bandes de mousse nécessaires pour adapter à la taille de votre contrôleur ou lecteur cd. De plus en grosse mousse ronde assure le blocage de votre appareil. Bref super flightcase avec un look denfer!

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