Zomo Pro Stand P-100/2 for 2x CDJ-100

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    Zomo Pro Stand P-100/2 is suitable for 2 piece of Pioneer CDJ-100 S or 2 x Pioneer CDJ-200 (not... more

    Product information "Zomo Pro Stand P-100/2 for 2x CDJ-100"

    Zomo Pro Stand P-100/2 is suitable for 2 piece of Pioneer CDJ-100 S or 2 x Pioneer CDJ-200 (not included in the delivery). Zomo Pro Stand are the best solution to install your valuable CD-player space-saving directly above the mixer or above the turntables. It is possible to position up to 2 CD-player easily and compactly. The professional Zomo equipment consoles are designed absolutely tough and for a longtime mission. Even the mission in the mobile use can`t be unable to harm something to the Zomo Pro Stands.

    The Zomo Pro Stand are adjustable in the height and tilt as well as in the right-left-rotation. So the equipment can be fixed in every desired position to make it possible to get more fast access to the player and optimal view to the displays. If required the position can be adjusted quickly and easily with a few handles to changed needs because the most important settings are adjustable over quick release fastener.

    Moreover the assembly plates for the single player are replaceable and therefore for a switch of the equipment quickly and beneficial adjustable. The Zomo Pro Stand can be installed at the bottom by 4 screws on every random tabletop. The optional available baseplate makes a simple montage possible such as below the turntables without any necessary holes and is especially imagined for the mobile use. The premium powder coating is resistant against scratches and other negative influence of the environment. All around a sophisticated and still innovative product.

    Sheer genius and totally cool! It´s Zomo!


  • Material: solid structural steelwork
  • Colours: silver
  • Suitable for: 2 x Pioneer CDJ-100 S oder 2 x Pioneer CDJ-200 (not included in the delivery)
  • Optional accessory: baseplate
  • Technical Data

  • Dimensions:
  • - Basis: 450 x 5 x 445 mm
    - Height: range from 280 to 440 mm
  • Colours: black, silver, white
  • Weight: 8,1kg
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