Zomo Faceplate Twin CDJ-200 red (1 pair)_1

Zomo Faceplate Twin CDJ-200 red (1 pair)

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    Zomo Faceplate Twin CDJ-200 . You are in possession of a Pioneer CDJ-200 CD-Player and you have... more

    Product information "Zomo Faceplate Twin CDJ-200 red (1 pair)"

    Zomo Faceplate Twin CDJ-200. You are in possession of a Pioneer CDJ-200 CD-Player and you have fun customising your equipment? Then you will love the Zomo Twin CDJ-200 Faceplates.
    With the extraordinary design of the Zomo Twin CDJ-200 Faceplates your CDJ-200 will be an ultimate eye catcher! Besides the great look, the Faceplates also protecting your Pioneer equipment. The Faceplates which are build out of solid steel are preventing your CD-Players from ugly scratches and other damage. The Twin CDJ-200 Faceplates suits exactly, and can easily be put on the Pioneer CDJ-200 and can be removed just as easy and fast. There are three different colours you can choose from, so that you can customise your CD-Player fitting to events or mood.
    Using the unique designs of the Twin Faceplates is an excellent way to stand out and make people remember you. This makes the Zomo Twin CDJ200 Faceplates to an absolute must have for every Pioneer CDJ-200 owner.

    Sheer genius and totally cool! It´s Zomo!


    • Unique and cool design for Pioneer CDJ-200
    • 1,5 mm strong steel construction
    • protects from scratches and dust
    • coming as pair (price relates to one pair)
    • easy to change
    • fast installation
    • colour: red
    • Size: 29 x 22 x 2 cm
    • Weight: 481 g (per piece)
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